Litem is a young and dynamic Law firm, characterized by its goals.

Litem wishes to stress that it is a team, and that consequently a team will treat all cases, rather than a single lawyer.

Your case will never be submitted to one single opinion.

Therefore your case will always consist of careful considerations of skilled and able lawyers, which will increase your chance of a successful handling of your case.

The business partners and associates of Litem noticed that the treatment of the outstanding cases in the legal community – not in the least among the lawyers themselves- was due for a change.

Without neglecting the technical and legal aspects of a case, Litem chose for a new approach.

In this approach the ‘bigger picture’ is considered, with attention to the feedback to and from the client, so constructive solutions can be sought after.

Litem is aware of the fact that a ‘case won’ does not necessarily equal such a solution.

Every case is characterized by a certain time process, which may take (too) long, with (too) high legal costs.

With that in mind, Litem has always opted to leave the legal ‘ivory tower’, and it has done so by assisting its clients with correct and punctual advise, which in many cases has resulted in a solution, rather than a legal procedure.

Keeping that in mind Litem wishes to maintain a regular contact with its clients, who are constantly briefed about all the important developments in any case handled by the firm.

One telephone call is sufficient to get a complete overview of the case at hand, this within 24 hours.

Such a request will always be accompanied by a clear overview of the legal fees and outstanding costs excluding VAT.

Do you wish to have an overview of all outstanding cases?

No problem, it will be delivered instantly.

Even so, Litem wishes to be even more efficient and communicative.

This team of lawyers would like to welcome you!